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The 1969 Carruthers Report

Support for one uniform Building Code gained momentum in 1968, when the Honourable W. Darcy McKeough, Minister of Municipal Affairs, established the Committee on Uniform Building Standards for Ontario.  This small committee, composed of knowledgeable and experienced individuals produced a report, in November, 1969, titled: "Report of the Committee on Uniform Building Standards for Ontario".  This report is commonly referred to as the "Carruthers Report", named after the chairman of the committee, C. D. Carruthers, P. Eng.  The Carruthers Report laid the foundation for the current building regulatory framework in Ontario.

1970-1975    Uniform Building Standards Branch

The Uniform Building Standards Branch was created in August 1970 within the Ontario Department of Labour.  It resulted from the recommendations of the Building Standards Committee, established in September 1968, within the Community Planning Branch of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.  The head of the zoning section of that branch was transferred to the Ministry of Labour to head the Uniform Building Standards Branch, which was located under the jurisdiction of the Safety and Technical Services Division.

The Uniform Building Standards Branch was transferred in April 1972 to the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, where it formed part of the Technical Standards Division. On January 1, 1976 it was replaced with the newly formed Building Code Branch.

1976-1984    Building Code Branch

The Building Code Branch was created on January 1, 1976, within the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations, and assumed the functions of the former Uniform Building Standards Branch.  It addition, it had added responsibility for two commissions: the Building Codes Commission and the Building Materials Evaluation Commission.

1975   The First Ontario Building Code

Prior to Dec. 31, 1975, Ontario did not have a Building Code and each Ontario municipality had the authority to enforce its own building rules.  The first Ontario Building Code was filed on November 24, 1975 and came into force on December 31, 1975 and superseded all municipal laws regarding design and construction of buildings.  The 1975 Building Code was available in a Gazette Edition and in an Office Consolidation Edition.  

Cover of 1975 Ontario Building Code

1975 Building Code
O. Reg. 925/75
Filed on:        Nov. 24, 1975
Effective on:   Dec. 31, 1975
The first province-wide building code.
Download a copy of the ORIGINAL Office Consolidation Edition of the 1975 Building Code. (no amendments)
O. Reg. 669/76 Aug. 17, 1976 Aug. 17, 1976 Building permit exemption for farm buildings
CBO's authority to issue permit where fire depatment reviews plans
O. Reg. 555/78 July 25, 1978 Jul. 25, 1978 Radon protection for Elliot Lake, Faraday Township, & Hyman Township
O. Reg. 621/78 Aug. 10, 1978 Aug. 10, 1978 Editorial revisions and clarifications
Foamed plastic insulation
Classification of A-1 and A-2 buildings
Standpipe and hose system revisions
Sprinklers in lieu of smoke control for Group B buildings
Calculation of average level of illumination
Enclosure of Group E, F-2, and F-4 mezzanines
Increased ventilation of motion picture projection rooms
Parking garages floor finish
Exemption for plumbing facilities in a building not normally occupied
Calculation of water closets for E and F occupancies
Application of the Canadian Farm Building Code 1975 to farm buildings
Revised climatic design data tables
Supervision of sprinkler system valves
Voice communication system revisions
Medical gas systems in health care facilities
Height of dwelling unit entry door
Exits for small Group D and E occupancies
Smoke alarms for dwelling units
Site grading affecting adjacent properties
Size of footings for dwelling units
Minimum thermal insulation for dwelling units
Prohibition on connecting air ducts between garage and dwelling unit
Foundations for cottages
O. Reg. 31/79 Jan. 16, 1979 Jan. 16, 1979 Concealed space used as a return air plenum above a public corridor
O. Reg. 718/79 Oct. 2, 1979 Oct. 2, 1979 Editorial revisions and clarifications
Dec. 31, 1979 Smoke alarms for dwelling units in apartment buildings
CSA standard for residential manufactured buildings
ULC standard S611 for factory-built free-standing fireplaces
O. Reg. 445/80 May 30, 1980 May 30, 1980 Fire stop flaps
Additional openings in tested fire rated assemblies
Revised Regulation of Ontario (RRO) 87/1980
consolidated O. Reg. 925/75 and all subsequent amendments up to and including O. Reg. 445/80 on Dec 31, 1980
O. Reg. 103/81 Feb. 25, 1981 Feb. 25, 1981 Public corridor in a covered mall
O. Reg. 230/81 Apr. 10, 1981 Jun. 1, 1981 Scope of provisions for handicapped persons
Requirements for
handicapped persons
O. Reg. 720/81 Oct. 28, 1981 Oct. 28, 1981 Design loads for glazed heated greenhouse roofs


Cover of the 1983 Ontario Building Code

1983 Building Code
O. Reg.583/83
Filed on:          Sep. 15, 1983
Effective on:    Nov. 30, 1983
O. Reg. 549/84 Aug. 22, 1984 Aug. 22, 1984 Professional design aligned with Architects Act and Professional Engineers Act
Tire storage classified as F-2
Combustible vertical glazing
Delete sprinklering of open air storage garages
Delete cart control in mercantile occupancies
Reduce minimum dimensions of bedroom escape windows
Foundation drainage
Panel type underlay for ceramic tile
Clearances and protection for solid fuel burning appliances
Platform and chair-type lifts
New Part 11 Residential Renovation


Cover of the 1986 Ontario Building Code
1986 Building Code
O. Reg. 419/86
Filed on:            Jul. 18, 1986
Effective on:     Oct. 20, 1986
O. Reg. 183/88 Apr. 5, 1988 May 20, 1988 Editorial revisions and clarifications
Reconstitution of log homes
Kiosks in shopping malls
Deterioration of parking garage structures
Steel lintel tables
Chimney flue cleanouts
Combustion air for basement fireplaces
Roof eave protection
O. Reg. 581/88 Sep. 22, 1988 Jan. 1, 1989 New Section 3.11 - Public Pools
O. Reg. 114/89 Mar. 3, 1989 Apr. 3, 1989 Editorial revisions and clarifications
Interior designer allowance for certain interior spaces
Foamed plastic insulation
Hotel requirements
B-2 institutional occupancy requirements
Recreational camp requirements
Camp for housing of workers requirements
O. Reg. 115/89 Mar. 3, 1989 Apr. 3, 1989 New Part 11 - Renovation


Cover of the 1990 Ontario Building Code
1990 Building Code
O. Reg. 413/90
Filed on:         Jul. 30, 1990
Effective on:    Oct. 1, 1990
Revised Regulation of Ontario (RRO) 61/1990 consolidated O. Reg. 413/90 on Dec 31, 1990.
O. Reg. 400/91 Jul. 19, 1991 Sep. 30, 1991 Editorial revisions and clarifications
Wires and cables under raised floors in computer rooms
Emergency power for water supply in buildings not within the scope of 3.2.6.
O. Reg. 158/93 Apr. 8, 1993 Jul. 1, 1993 Language used on signs
Energy efficiency design to ASHRAE 90.1-1989
Full height basement insulation
Mechanical ventilation for dwelling units
New Section 3.12 - Rapid Transit Stations
New Section 9.39 - Park Model Trailers
New Section 9.40 - Construction of Farm Buildings
Part 11 amendments
O. Reg. 160/93 Apr. 8, 1993 Jul. 1, 1993 New Section 2.7 - Equivalents
CCMC designated as materials evaluation body for Minister's Rulings
Search warrant form
New Part 7 - Plumbing
New Part 10 - Change of Use
O. Reg. 383/94 Jun. 23, 1994 ? Jun. 23, 1994 Final test of plumbing system
Mechanical ventilation required for all dwelling units
Accessory apartments
O. Reg. 20/95 Jan. 20, 1995 Jan. 20, 1995 Electric space heating
O. Reg. 395/96 Aug. 20, 1996 Aug. 20, 1996 Foundation wall drainage layer
Extent of insulation on foundation walls


Cover of the 1997 Ontario Building Code
1997 Building Code
O. Reg. 403/97
Filed on:          Nov. 3, 1997
Effective on:     Apr. 6, 1998
O. Reg. 22/98 Jan. 27, 1998 Apr. 6, 1998 New Part 8
Editorial revisions
O. Reg. 102/98 Mar. 5, 1998 Apr. 6, 1998 Cinema seating
O. Reg. 122/98 Mar. 26, 1998 Apr. 6, 1998 Part 8
O. Reg. 152/99 Mar. 25, 1999 Apr. 1, 1999 revise references to the Power Corporation Act
O. Reg. 278/99 Apr. 30, 1999 May 15, 1999 Part 8
Log wall insulation
Editorial revisions
O. Reg. 593/99 Dec. 14, 1999 Mar. 5, 2000 Consolidation of food premises
O. Reg. 597/99 Dec. 16, 1999 Dec. 15, 1999 Single room occupancy units
O. Reg. 205/00 Mar. 23, 2000 Apr. 1, 2000 Electromagnetic locks for gaming premises
O. Reg. 283/01 Jul. 30, 2001 Jul. 19, 2001 Carbon monoxide detectors
    Aug. 6, 2001 BMEC application fee
O. Reg. 220/02 Jul. 18, 2002 Aug. 4, 2002 Public spas
Snow loads on curved roofs
Nov. 3, 2002 CSA-B66-00 Standard (Part 8)
Editorial revisions
O. Reg. 304/03 Jul. 25, 2003 Jul. 25, 2003 Revisions arising from the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002
O. Reg. 305/03 Jul. 25, 2003 Sep. 1, 2003 Building regulatory reform
Jul. 1, 2005 Building regulatory reform
O. Reg. 23/04 Feb. 20, 2004 Feb. 20, 2004 Plumbing fixtures (FSR and SDC)
Sep. 1, 2004 Hot water temperature
O. Reg. 245/04 Aug. 20, 2004 Jul. 1, 2005 Builder appointed registered code agencies
O. Reg. 145/05 Mar. 29, 2005 Mar. 29, 2005 OAA parallel qualification system
O. Reg. 146/05 Mar. 29, 2005 Mar. 29, 2005 Qualifications and registration
Building official internship
Jul. 1, 2005 Permit timeframes
Approved forms
O. Reg. 236/05 May 2005 May 19, 2005 Implementation period for qualifications and registration
Jul. 1, 2005 Permit timeframes
Jan. 1, 2006 Reporting period for annual municipal building permit fees
O. Reg. 389/05 Jun. 24, 2005 Jul. 1, 2005 Definition of applicable law
Oct. 1, 2005 Definition of applicable law
O. Reg. 349/06 Jun. 14, 2006 Jun. 14, 2006 Definition of applicable law
Flow control roof drains
Remove perceived barriers to adoption of “green” technologies
Small care homes
O. Reg. 422/06 Aug. 29, 2006 Aug. 29, 2006 Definition of applicable law


Cover of the 2006 Ontario Building Code
2006 Building Code
O. Reg. 350/06   -   The consolidated spent version of O. Reg. 350/06 is posted on e-Laws.
Filed on:            Jun. 26, 2006
Effective on:     Dec. 31, 2006
Information  concerning amendments to O. Reg. 350/06 was last obtained on January 15, 2021 from the Ontario government's e-Laws website.
O. Reg. 423/06 Aug. 29, 2006 Dec. 31, 2006 Definition of applicable law
O. Reg. 137/07 Apr. 2, 2002 Apr. 2, 2007 Editorial revisions
Tall stud wall Tables A-30 – A-33
Jul. 1, 2007 Part 3 stud wall reinforcement
Plumbing fixtures
O. Reg. 205/08 Jun. 18, 2008 Apr. 1, 2010 Residential fire sprinklers
O. Reg. 365/09 Sep. 23, 2009 Sep. 24, 2009 Definition of applicable law
O. Reg. 503/09 Dec. 21, 2009 Jan. 1, 2010 Housekeeping changes
Apr. 1, 2010 Residential fire sprinklers
Jan. 1, 2011 Low flow water closets
Jan. 1, 2012 Energy efficiency
O. Reg. 315/10 Aug. 12, 2010 Jan. 1, 2011 Sewage maintenance inspections
    Jan. 1, 2016 Sewage maintenance inspections
O. Reg. 315/11 Jun. 27, 2011 Jul. 1, 2011 Part 12 energy efficiency
O. Reg. 159/12 Jun. 20, 2012 Jul. 1, 2012 Glass in guards
Supplementary Standard SB-13


Cover of the 2012 Ontario Building Code
2012 Building Code
O. Reg. 332/12   -   The consolidated version of O. Reg. 332/12 is updated at e-Laws.
Filed on:          Nov. 2, 2012
Effective on:      Jan. 1, 2014
Information  concerning amendments to O. Reg. 332/12 was last obtained on March 8, 2023 from the Ontario government's e-Laws website.
O. Reg. 151/13 May 9, 2013 Jan. 1, 2014 Retirement home fire sprinklers
Renovation or change of use to a retirement home
Revised definition of a care occupancy
Revised definition of a residential occupancy
O. Reg. 360/13   Dec. 20, 2013   Jan. 1, 2014 Administrative changes, including:
- New $170 application fee for a BCC hearing
- $550 application fee for Minister's Ruling on material evaluated by the CCMC
All BCIN fees increased
Jan. 1, 2015 Increased administrative fees
O. Reg. 361/13 Dec. 20, 2013 Jan. 1, 2014 Housekeeping changes
Fireplace emission limits
Vertical clearance between the water table  and existing sewage systems undergoing renovation
Revised Supplementary Standard SA-1
Jan. 1, 2015 EIFS
Reference the 2012 edition of the CSA F280 standard
O. Reg. 368/13 Dec. 27, 2013 Jan. 1, 2015 Barrier-free and accessibility revisions
O. Reg. 191/14 Sep. 23, 2014 Jan. 1, 2015 Permit 6 storey buildings of combustible construction
Additional changes to barrier-free amendments made in O. Reg. 368/13
"Demand side" changes to the professional design, Section 1.2. of Div. C
Administrative changes to qualification and registration requirements in Div. C
Revised Supplementary Standards SA-1, SB-1, SB-2, SB-3, SB-12
O. Reg. 139/17 May 17, 2017 Jul. 1, 2017 Retirement homes
Two-unit houses
Revised Supplementary Standard SA-1
Jan. 1, 2018 Electric vehicle charging
Plumbing pipe sizing
Sewage systems
O. Reg. 462/17 Dec. 7, 2017 Jan. 1, 2018 Definition of applicable law
O. Reg. 563/17 Dec. 19, 2017 Jan. 1, 2018 Electric vehicle charging
O. Reg. 79/18 Mar. 6, 2018 Apr. 3, 2018 Replace reference to “OMB” with “Local Planning Appeal Tribunal”
O. Reg. 388/18 Jul. 20, 2018 Jul. 20, 2018 Occupancy permits in the Lower Don Area of Toronto
O. Reg. 87/19 May 2, 2019 Jul. 1, 2019 Cannabis hazardous extraction operations
O. Reg. 88/19 May 2, 2019 May 2, 2019 Revoke electric vehicle charging
Leaching chambers
Jan. 1, 2020 Harmonization with 2015 mNBC and 2015 mNPC changes
Jan. 1, 2022 Stairs, ramps, handrails and guards
O. Reg. 209/20 May 11, 2020 May 11, 2020 Coronavirus administrative time periods
Conditional permits
O. Reg. 511/20 Sep. 18, 2020 Sep. 18, 2020 Definition of applicable law
O. Reg. 762/20 Dec. 16, 2020 Dec. 16, 2020 Definition of applicable law (Building Transit Faster Act, 2020)
Documents referenced in the Building Code
Conditional permits
O. Reg. 867/21 Dec. 20, 2021 Jan. 1, 2022 Building permits and inspections for tiny homes
Remote inspections for all buildings
Housekeeping changes
O. Reg. 217/22 Mar. 16, 2022 Mar. 16, 2022 Notifications regarding lightweight floor and roof systems
O. Reg. 434/22Apr. 26, 2022Apr. 26, 2022Temporary Health or Residential Facilities administration
O. Reg. 451/22Apr. 29, 2022Apr. 29, 2022Permit and code exemptions for 15 m2 gross area sheds
Jul. 1, 2022Encapsulated mass timber construction
Part 3, Div. B code compliance of manufactured buildings and parts therof
Revised municipal internship program for intern inspectors
Nov. 1, 2022Early/partial occupancy permits for "Super Tall Buildings"
O. Reg. 30/23Feb. 28, 2023Feb. 28, 2023Demountable stages and demountable support structures
Revised definition of fire compartment
Fire damper revisions
O. Reg. 31/23Feb. 28, 2023Feb. 28, 2023Extends revocation date of O. Reg. 434/22
O. Reg. 89/23May 12, 2023May 12, 2023Harmonize mid-rise wood requirements with NBC
Standpipe cabinets in stacked townhouses
Definition of applicable law (Orders under S.34.1 of the Planning Act)


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