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In support of Culture, Freedom, and Civilization opposes those who work to destroy our freedom, our economy, our culture and our civilization.

Freedom won against COVID tyrranyTHE VICTORY OF THE 2022 FREEDOM CONVOY

The Ontario government scrapped vaccine passorts and indoor capacity limits within 2 WEEKS of the end of the PEACEFUL uprising against the unwarranted dictatorial powers of our Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments.  The only violence was by the police goons.

Yes, we restored our freedom.  

Don't let the mainstream lying media or Liberal Party puppet Paul Rouleau tell you otherwise.
Alek Antoniuk
January 30, 2023

The rampant abuse of peoples' civil rights in Ontario continues:
  • Canadian co-Prime Ministers Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh "Jimmy" Dhaliwal continue to punish healthy, experimental vaccine-free Canadians, once they return to Canada, by locking them up for 14 days so that they cannot go to work, or shopping for food, or to gather to pray with their neighbours, or to visit their families.
  • Ontario Premier Ford allows businesses and municipal governments to fire healthy competent workers who refuse to be vaccine raped in Ontario and then blathers about a shortage of workers in the province!  I have a good friend who has a large young family to support, who is very capable but is now out of work because of Doug Ford's inaction.
  • Young people, especially young men, are dying after being vaccine-raped because they wanted to keep their jobs - and now many have lost their lives.
  • Thousands of small businesses, especially restaurants and other service providers, have been forced to close because of Doug Ford's economic lockdowns and Ontario mainstreets have become ghost towns.
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Alek Antoniuk
June 27, 2022

On Thursday, February 24, 2022, Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, which has been abandoned by its allies.
History is being repeated:  In March, 1939, Hitler's German troops invaded Czechoslovakia, which was abandoned by its allies and left to fend for itself against the onslaught of Germany.  Now, Vladimir Putin's Russian troops are murdering innocent Ukrainian civilians and their children in order to extinguish the dreams of Ukrainians to rule their own country.
Ukrainians are not Russians:  Ukrainians have their own language and their own culture.  They are proud of their country and will not submit to Russian hegemony.   If Russians ever wonder why other nations don't like them, they should look at their history and see how brutal they have been to their neighbours.
Слава Україні! Героям Слава


Many political leaders and their fart catchers have started to act like fascist dictators by creating new laws to pressure everyone to be injected with an experimental vaccine "for their own good".
If you force someone to have their body penetrated by a vaccine they do not want, it is: COVID RAPE
If you are in favour of forcing YOUR NEIGHBOUR to be injected with a vaccine against his will,
then would you allow YOUR NEIGHBOUR to inject your wife/girlfriend with his semen against her will......?
Is that fair?  The above question posed by Alek Antoniuk was censored by a certain socialist media propaganda platform, since groupthink does not permit anyone to question dubious authority.
Alek Antoniuk
August 27, 2021

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